Welcome to Platinum Auto Finishes

I've been doing this for years, professionally trained in automotive body work and paint and have multiple years working in a shop doing this very thing, I have very creditable body shops here in the valley that use me to help out with body work and paint jobs. My work is quality, and guaranteed to last. I have many repeat customers and referrals that come to me. I do anything from Honda Accords to Porsche Carrera on a weekly bases, I make many trips to N. Scottsdale and Paradise Valley from my location in Tempe to do work on their luxury vehicles for my repeat/referral customers because they like my work. Call me up and ask what materials I use and I'll tell you, its the same way/ same stuff that is used in all quality shops that charge $150-$300 to do lights.

I use high gloss matrix paint and MS-42 clear coat so it lays down really nice and clean and smooth. I've don't more than 200 sets of lights for both custom car shops here in the valley, as well as on my own over the last couple of years so you can trust that I know what I'm doing when it comes to getting you a quality job that will last. I can make the lights to the darkness of your choice whether that is a very light black smoked look with still some red showing on the light or I can murder out and make the lights a nice dark black. I charge $50 for a pair of lights to be done, and don't charge you to take the lights off the vehicle or put them back on, it's all included. Lastly, I don't use the cheap nite shades rattle can junk that looks cheap and fades! I now am mobile and can come to you! I do charge a little extra if you would like to have me come to you, but its' not much, mostly just to cover the traveling costs on my end.

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